This is my first game made under the #MyFirstGameJam! I hope you like it and I really am looking for a lot of feedback. I am very proud to have finished in such a short period of time.

All the art and programming is mine, the music was created by a friend named "Hakushaku."

Here is the game development blog during the GameJam:

I used the dungeon tile art from OpenGameArt:

And the Sound Effects were taken from Freesound:

Thank you for letting me participate int his GameJam!

Edit: Added a few bug fixes for missing keys and too many enemies spawning! Fixed "black screen" after the Boss Level.

Install instructions

Simply unzip into a folder and double click Succubust.exe to run!


Download 21 MB
Download 19 MB


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the game is a bit difficult on a laptop, perhaps some twin-stick action with the arrow keys could help?

I believe that the arrow keys do work! Or did you mean that the arrow keys are used for aiming sort of like the Binding of Isaac?


arrow keys for aiming, kinda like binding of isaac yea

I'll definitely bring that when I redesign the game. :3

Succu-BUST! (PC) Any% (1:43.18) [World Record]

Thanks for playing my game!



I love the music and the UI.

I'll be sure to let the musician know! He was kind enough to help me!

Seems interesting but the third level has a couple issues: one of the doors to the exit consumes 2 keys instead of 1 I think, and there needs to be a limit on spawned enemies (I played in browser and the game started stuttering). Other than that keep it up!

Thanks! I'll let you know when I fix the bug!

I think I fixed it by limiting the total number of enemies that can be spawned and made a fix for the door consuming too many keys! Please let me know if it runs better!


Works great, managed to beat the game, thanks for the fix and the game!

You are welcome! :3