You have only one life...

You have only one change...

You have only one button?

Play this time-travelling twin-stick shooter to take revenge for your fallen friends!

Also, since I missed the first two GMTK Jams, I've also included their themes into this game: the control is dual/multi-purpose and this is a genre that is missing a mechanic. A twin-stick shooter with no sticks!

Programming, Art and Game Design by Doujin Dev
Music by Hakushaku

Fonts and Sounds


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Fantastic game! And you were worried about how it would turn out. :) You did excellent! Controlling the dodo is a lot of fun and getting a treasure chest is extremely rewarding. I love how silly it is, and yet how retro it feels.


Wow! Thank you! Now that I've gotten a bit of rest, I'll be sure to check out your game too! Thank you so much!

There are just so many polished games that I saw on Twitter. It's amazing what people can come up with!


Absolutely genious.

You gave like 100 different functions to just one button and everything is pretty self-explanatory. Killing pirates is rewarding and the upgrades are cool too. Strong top 100 candidate right here.

Thank you! I'm really flattered! :D